Things are sprouting in the greenhouse and garden at The Gumboot Restaurant!

Lately we have been harvesting and featuring organically grown spinach from our very own Gumboot Garden, located behind the restaurant.

Welcome to the Gumboot

Spinach is full of awesome nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C and iron, but it can be hard to come by as an organically grown crop. As many readers will know, spinach is widely considered one of the “dirty dozen” crops, recommended by some nutitionists to be consumed only if non-GMO and organically produced. The Gumboot takes pride in its organic garden and in our recipes. Doesn’t that make you feel even better about having a nosh?

Spinach is an great addition to fantastic spring flavours. Some of our organic spinach features this month have included Australian lamb chumps served with Gumboot spinach risotto, creamy penne pasta tossed with grilled chicken and Gumboot spinach, and our ever popular Gumboot spinach salad with house made sesame gomei sauce and albacore tuna sashimi.

What more can we say? We am what we am, and that’s all that we am.

Make a reservation today by calling 604.885.4216. We might even give you a garden tour!


The Gumboot Green-Thumbs

We can’t wait to show you what else we are planning with our abundant organic gardens this year at The Gumboot Restaurant. Stay tuned for updates.