The end of summer means a big exhale for us at the Gumboot Restaurant.

Its the end of long beach days that turn into beach nights, the end of the crazy festivals and parades, and the end of busy patio nights with warm, lovely breezes. We are sad to see the Sunshine Coast summer end, but we are also celebrating in the garden.  We have finished harvesting all of the garden’s summer crops and we are ready, shovels in hand, for new beginnings!


Next up in the garden are some hearty winter crops that will keep us abound with fresh veggies through the next couple of chilly months. Chef Mark has decided to go with winter beet as a Garden staple, otherwise known as ‘Pucker Eye’ or Japanese beets. Warm roasted root vegetable medleys are sure to become a delicious winter favourite.

The Gumboot greenhouse has been cleared out of summer abundance and is now ready to be planted with hearty winter greens. Chef Mark’s plan is to fill the greenhouse with arugula this fall, which should provide lots of leafy bounty through the winter months.

The kale plants will all stick around through the cold months and should provide us with some nutrient filled garden-to-table features – just when you thought it was too late for fresh veggies!

In the spring, we can all look forward to some lovely squash and a re-kindling of the summer produce in our backyard.

But lets not get too ahead of ourselves ;-)


The Gumboot Green-Thumbs.